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Your Dental Health

DeCare Denture Care

Caring for people with full and partial dentures. Keep your mouth healthy and your dentures in good condition by following a simple daily routine. Care of Full Dentures Clean your dentures over a bowl of water or a sink full of water. Brush your dentures before soaking them, to help remove bits of food. Use a denture cleaner and toothbrush/nailbrush to remove stubborn stains. (Follow ...
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Is it true, you shouldn’t brush your teeth immediately after drinking coffee?

Yes, it is true. However, the problem is not with the coffee itself. It is the milk and sugar in the coffee which can be metabolised by bacteria in your mouth into acid.The acid causes the outside layer of enamel (hard white material on the outside of the tooth) to demineralise (soften) temporarily. If you brush your teeth during this period you may brush away the top layer of enamel.If you...
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Eat for your Teeth

Good dental health, like good general health, depends on having healthy eating habits. This includes having an adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D for healthy bone and healthy tooth development. Our teeth can be affected as much by our diet as by not brushing our teeth regularly. Our modern diet which can be  very high in sugary carbohydrates and fat is not conducive to having good dental...
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The Wisdom On Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are no different than other teeth, except that they are the last ones to grow into the mouth.   Some people do not grow any wisdom teeth. Healthy and properly positioned wisdom teeth can be as useful as other teeth. However, they can cause problems if the teeth do not erupt into the mouth properly. What is an impacted wisdom tooth? The term that is used to describe wisdom tee...
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5 Reasons Why You Should offer Dental as a Benefit to your Staff

Employee benefits are more and more becoming an expectation in the workplace. So, how can you differentiate and make sure that the benefits you offer will help to attract and retain your key talent? Here’s 5 key reasons why you should consider adding dental insurance to your benefits package… 1) Employees Want It According to research, 85% of Irish workers would be interested or very intereste...
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DeCare Dental Supporting Local Charities for 14 Years

DeCare Dental’s Charity of the Year committee recently presented a cheque of €10,000 to Cancer Care West.  Cancer Care West was DeCare’s 2015 chosen charity as nominated by DeCare’s employees and the proceeds of all fundraising activities throughout the year went to this very worthy West of Ireland charity which provides support to cancer patients in the region. Employees of DeCare Dental, Ireland...
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Valentine’s Tips!

Love is in the Air.  We eat, speak communicate and show affection with our mouths every day. DeCare’s Oral Health have a few Top Tips for Valentine’s to keep those pearly whites clean and fresh… It doesn’t matter if you are giving your 5-year old, your spouse, or your significant other a Valentine’s Day kiss, no one wants to kiss or be kissed by anyone with bad oral hygiene! Source: DeCare D...
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New Year’s Resolutions

Some 2016 Oral Health Goals! Drink more water A big source of hidden sugar is in fizzy drinks and soft drinks. There can be up to 10 teaspoons of sugar in a standard can of cola. Brush Twice a day Brush twice a day for two minutes a day with fluoride toothpaste [age 2+]. Make sure you are using a soft toothbrush with a small head, harder brushes may damage your teeth and gums Watch o...
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