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Mouth Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Day 21st September 2016

Facts about Mouth Head and Neck Cancer in Ireland Today

  • Over 400 cases of Mouth Head and Neck Cancer diagnosed every year in Ireland.
  • 300 of these cases are Mouth Oral cancers.
  • Only half of Mouth Head and Neck Cancers are diagnosed at an early stage.
  • The earlier the detection the better the outcome & quality of life.

Places Head and Neck Cancer Effects

The Main Risk Factors

  • Smoking and Alcohol (Both Dose Related & Synergistic)
  • Chewing tobacco, quid, paan(immigrant communities)
  • Diet low in fruit & vegetables increases risk of Mouth Head and Neck Cancer.
  • Prolonged exposure to UV light. ( Lips, Skin)
  • Human Papilloma Virus(HPV)certain strains HPV linked to cancer of tonsil and back of throat
  • Exposure to certain chemicals or dusts increases risk of cancer in nasal area.
  • Some cancers have genetic link.

Signs and Symptoms

  • A sore or an ulcer in the mouth or lips that doesn’t heal.
  • Persistent White or Red Patches on the lining of the mouth or on the tongue especially in the floor of the mouth under the tongue.
  • Thickening or hardening of the cheek or tongue
  • Lump in the mouth and neck (indurated€“ hard to touch and feel)
  • Persistent sore throat, hoarse voice or difficulty speaking
  • Difficultly or pain on chewing and swallowing
  • Unexplained loose teeth
  • Persistent pain in the face and jaw
  • Numbness in the tongue and face
  • Persistent nose bleeds and blocked or stuffy nose (from sinuses)

Reducing your risk

  • Self-Examine Daily.
  • Do not smoke and if you do, plan to quit -If you drink alcohol do so in moderation.
  • Eat at least 5 portions fruit and Vegetables a day.
  • Use a high SPF lip balm in the sun
  • Wear mask if you work with chemicals or dusts
  • Full Mouth Examination once a year with dentist even if you have no teeth or wear full dentures.

Source: DeCare Dental Facebook